Monday, 23 December 2013

Why do men look for escort services?

Thanks to nasty media portrayals, the social escort industry, especially in the Asia region such as Singapore, has gotten a really bad rep. Seriously. From  images of glorified pimps to drug havens to even money laundering fronts, it seems Hollywood dredged up the worst and heaped it onto the social escort industry. 

Are there bad players in the escort industry who merely hide behind the 'escort' designation to provide prostitution services? Sadly, this is true but the vast majority are legitimate, tax-paying operations. If you wish to understand why the social escort service industry in Singapore exists, you have to ask 'why men look for escort services?' Surprisingly enough for some people, none of these reasons have to do with paying for sex.

Making the right impression

In our society, a lot of your value is tied up in your desirability. And nothing takes your desirability down a notch than showing up to a social event or social gala all alone. That's right, you show up without a date. Nothing will make people snicker harder. It might even bring back awkward and horrible memories of 'going stag' to your high school prom or college frat formals. 

As bad as showing up without a date is for the regular Joe, it is almost fatal for anyone trying to drum up business or attract new clients for his advertising, law, or consulting firm. Professional clients size up their service providers' trustworthiness, reliability, and legitimacy based on a wide number of criteria. 

Sure, going to the right school, having the right experience and contacts, and being able to do the job can go a long way but your prospective clients want a real long-term relationship with your firm so they are scoping you out as a complete person. This means looking at whether you have a significant other or at least can find a great date. A great-looking escort in Singapore, especially one who knows how to converse well, can make you look like a million bucks to prospective clients.

Not enough time to get a date for an event

Believe it or not, many guys make last minute calls to escort agencies not because they don't know how to get a date or don't have wives or girlfriends, but because they just ran out of time. 

Either their female significant other can't show up due to scheduling issues or the public event they are going to is a last minute event. Still, they need to make a great impression and showing up with a fine-looking escort who is a great conversationalist can definitely make great impressions happen.

New to town

For young male professionals moving into town, making the social scene with their employers or business prospects can be problematic. You want to make a great impression but you haven't set down too many roots to get dates locally. 

You can try and call girls from your college days to show up for a special event with you. But given how busy people are, these might not pan out. Placing a call to a social escort agency quickly fixes your problems.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

3 Ways To Get a Date

In this day and age, many people might think it weird that people still have a tough time getting a date. After all, we already have Facebook, Twitter, and tons of mobile apps that enable us to reach out to other people. 

Well, sharing funny pictures of your cat isn't exactly on the same level as asking that hot girl in your college History discussion section for a date. Moreover, people are really busy and, oftentimes, there just aren't too many opportunities to date people out through social media. Worst of all, you wouldn't want your failed efforts to get tons of likes and shares on Facebook. Facebook can really take humiliating public rejections to a whole new other level. 

Here are the top three safe ways to get a date. Unlike social media, getting shot down through these date-fixing methods don't have to involve tons of people commenting on your wall saying how big of a tool you ar.

Get your friends to set you up

This is the old tried and proven way to meet someone new. Nothing like social networking old school style. Seriously. When people pair you up and set you up, they aren't actually just pairing you up. They are laying some of their personal credibility on the line. 

Their social standing with you will go down if they set you up with a complete nutbag. As a result, you can expect your social network of friends and family members to vet dating prospects for you. In fact, in many cases, family members (namely relatives of your mom) will filter females based on the 'quality' of her family, education, career, and, of course, looks. 

The problem with getting dates this way is that there is a lot of subtle pressure put on you and your date from your friends and family. No wonder, many people hate being set up and often reject the notion.

Use dating websites

Dating sites have become so ubiquitous that many people think these sites should be their first choice when trying to get a date. If you think this way, you might want to think twice. Many dating sites are not what they seem to be. 

Many are actually scams that have little to no real people. That cute little Japanese-American hottie that messaged you seconds after you joined the dating site might be just some fat bald dude in his underwear in Omaha trying to keep you 'engaged' in the dating site until your 'free' trial membership runs out and you start automatically getting charged $39.99 a month. 

Worse, the messages you get might not even be from real people but randomly generated text using keyword triggers spit out by software. Be very careful about using dating sites. Ask people who respond simple questions that only real people would know or only real females would know.

Use a social escort agency

If you need a date for a social event and you don't want to look like a loser by showing up without a date, you might want to try a social escort agency. If you have tried other dating avenues and can't up with a date worth talking about, you might want to try a social escort agency. 

However, before you pull the trigger on deciding to use such an agency, keep in mind that a legitimate social escort agency is not a pimping service. In other words, you should not expect to 'score' or 'get lucky' with your escort. If you think this, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Real escort services provide hot-looking escorts that can hold their own when it comes to conversations. That's what real escorts are for-to make you look awesome during social events. 

Friday, 20 December 2013

4 Awesome Relationship Blogs You Can Follow

Don't you love the feeling of discovering something new that really resonates with you?  Your first instinct is to tell your family and friends, so they can share in your excitement too.  In that same spirit, listed below are four superb relationship blogs which offer not only sensational content, but also are written in a dynamic way by individuals with fresh voices!   

Their unique perspectives on this "crazy little thing called love" will inform you, challenge you, encourage you, amuse you, and even inspire you.  

1. Simple Marriage is the creation of Dr. Corey Allan, Ph.D. His blog's mission is to help readers "create a better marriage by keeping things simple."  His site focuses on helping couples currently in committed relationships.

Furthermore, not only is Dr. Allan a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, but he is also a professional Life and Relationship Coach who has been married for over 17 years.  So in other words, he knows his stuff! Simple Marriage also features numerous other exciting services such as:   
  • Online coaching and counseling
  • Marital communication classes
  • Books
  • A contributing panel of life and relationship coaches
Visit Simple Marriage for inspired, professional advice on how to to live more simply while creating a stong, healthy marriage.

2. Techlationships is the brainchild of married couple K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky. Their mission is to explore how technology impacts our relationships, and how we can strike a healthy balance between the two. K. Jason and Kelli provide invaluable insights on how to use technology, such as social media channels, to enhance our relationships. They also warn against common pitfalls couples fall victim to in the information age. Their blog is a perfect resource for anyone seeking love and connection in our  culture of instantaneous, virtual communication.

3. Fit Marriage Fit Marriage is the premier destination for couples who are wanting to get physically fit and healthy together.  This site is one of my personal favorites because, couples at any level of fitness can find all the resources they need to reach their goals. 

From exercise regimens, informative videos and recipes, to books and fitness equipment recommendations; you will find it here. Highly recommended!

Yes Mom...I'm Still Single  When I first saw this title, I laughed out loud! Intrigued, I perused this fledgling blog, and it was one of the best decisions I've made recently. 

My opinion is, you will feel the same, too. From dealing with an insane ex, to the mountain highs and valley lows of internet dating, the anonymous young author will ensnare you with his intelligence, raw honesty, and hilarious wit. 

As you read the chronicles of his dating misadventures, you will often find yourself thinking, "I can relate." My prediction is, this blog will become one to watch in the coming months. Be one of the first to enjoy this as-yet undiscovered gem.

Finally, these blogs stand out from the pack because they dare to offer fresh, dynamic, relevant information  necessary to create a satisfying love life - in the 21st century. So what are you waiting for? Click the links above to start your journey toward the successful relationship you seek.